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About HMS Global Academy


HMS Global Academy is working together with academics, businesses and the community to prepare current and future workforce and organisations for the modern economy.

Our emphasis is both individual and organisations. Our objective is to provide the best learning and development tools so that anyone can enhance their existing skills and learn new knowledge to progress and grow within their respective field.

Supporting people of all ages and all backgrounds in gaining knowledge and developing skills and confidence they need for life and work with tools, tips and learning resources. For this we are using technology to facilitate learning so that everyone, young and adult can access education and achieve their dreams.

Our aim is to deliver a series of workshops, seminars and short courses on variety of topics, some of which will be free and some are paid. Our choice of topics will be centred around both academic as well as life skills. We will also try to include topics if any suggestions come from our subscribers.

Our aspiration is to help building the next generation of designers, developers and social entrepreneurs in discipline of learner’s choice. We firmly believe that everyone has potential to learn and develop skills.

At HMS Global Academy we are very keen and committed to supporting people, not only of those who are privileged and academically high achievers but also who are under privileged and did not do well in their early education or failed to climb up the conventional academic ladder for many reasons.

He is not the intelligent one who knows answers to all questions – intelligent is the one who knows how to find an answer to a question. As Tony Buzan says, “Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill.”  Our emphasis is exactly this is where – equipping learners with tools.

In that sense, the HMS Global Academy is not a typical training institution where lessons are taught and graduates are produced. It is rather a step towards learning as to how to learn.  It is a learning vehicle to continuously grow and stay connected with likeminded people.

Anyone can learn at any stage of life, you don’t have to be a genius. All you have to do is to take the first step. We are here to facilitate you to take steps and then the rest is up to you where you want to go.