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Study, Learn & Live a New Skill!

Learn the skills you need to start, grow and join the  digital world of business.

Learn the Skills

Everyone has potential to learn and make a difference in life. Our aim is to release potentials and develop people. You tell us what you want to learn and we facilitate you a learning environment. We are not a typical training provider. If you are not sure what path to pursue, then talk to us. We can certainly help you with some guidance. 

Nobin Horizon

Horizon Nobin is an attempt to shift the culture among youth to make them realise that they have the potentials to develop and shape technology for the betterment of society rather than just being a passive consumer. Get your kids to feel the taste of computer programming and see what they can do in short space of time. 


Social Entrepreneurship

We do not  teach social entrepreneurship because it cannot be taught. We can facilitate you to become a social entrepreneur through practical experiences. To be a social entrepreneur you do not need a long list of qualifications. You need resilience, passion and drive. Do you see these qualities in yourself?


Our Programmes, Seminars and Workshops

Speak English with Confidence

4 week Language Coaching & Practice

This is an unorthodox course. Unlike other predefined courses, here participants decide what they want to learn. Most adult learners are usually aware of their strengths and weakness of English. They have a base understanding in the area they need help – whether it’s speaking, reading, writing or listening. In addition to learner’s self-assessment, at the beginning of this module, we also carry out an assessment to ascertain students’ level of English. This helps learner to define their learning objectives.

Starting Your Digital Business: Dos and Don’ts

1 Day workshop

The global digital market size is expected to grow in many folds in the coming years. The transformation of digital industry is mainly driven by increasing penetration of IoT and adoption of cloud services. Online business is very lucrative and easy to start. Anyone can start on a small scale with very little capital. More importantly, this type of business can be operated from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connection. In this workshop course we explore how to avoid common mistakes.

Capacity Building of Doctors on Childhood Tuberculosis

30 Hours: Live Online and On Site

This practical course is for everyone involved, or interested in delivering health services to diagnose and treat childhood TB in developing countries. It may be of interest to those working or studying in the discipline of paediatrics and infectious disease, public health, or personnel involved in delivering respective National Tuberculosis Programs.

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Most of our programmes, seminars and workshops are run on demand basis. When our minimum threshold is full, we may run our programme any time of the year.


What do we do?

Personalised Training

Personalised Training for Individuals

Not everyone learns the same way. Everyone is unique in their own way, thus, at HSM Global Academy, we aim to facilitate learning to ensure everyone is able to release their highest potentials.

Live Online Interactive Learning

Live online teaching method is particularly designed to allow participants to access and learn from trainers from all over the world.  Here participants can communicate, interact, ask questions, practice and engage with material.  


Group Training

Group Training for Organisations

For organisations, group training is the most economical and convenient option. We are aware that not every organisation’s needs are same. So, we create courses that are specific to your business needs.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We firmly believe that no one should be deprived from having access to education due to their inherited socio-economic disadvantages. With the support of our corporate partners  and government agencies, we strive to discharge our social responsibilities.   


We have arrangements with various corporate partners where participant shadow a real live person in real world situation to gain first-hand experience.

Linking with Higher Education Institutions

If you are keen to take your learning further, we will be happy to guide you with many options to choose from. We can put you in touch with many local and international higher education providers.


Popular Training Courses

English For Business

4 week clasS

Improve your confidence in speaking, reading, writing, and listening in a business context. The focus will be on the language you need for business activities. This course is particularly useful for companies who want to develop their employees’ communication skills and performance.

Personal Effectiveness

1 day workshop

Personal effectiveness is nothing but a measurement of your performance against your own set criteria. This could be at work and in one’s personal life. Improvement in personal effectiveness requires being aware of your own potentials and setting and achieving targets accordingly. Just by developing some basic skills, anyone can improve confidence level and maximise their life potentials.


Why Learn With Us?


Project Based Learning

We believe project-based learning helps participants better to acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems.


Tutoring Opportunities

The best way to retain information after learning is to teach others. We offer participants the opportunity to practice their learning.  


Access to Mentors

We try to link our partcipants with various mentors who shares knowledge, experience, and advice. 



We help participants to find freelance work where possible.  Freelancers have the freedom to choose the projects they’d like to work on and the clients they’d like to work for. 

Learn From Home

Live Online Or On Site

Choose the method of learning that is suitable for you most. For corporation or NGOs we may run in house training.


Zoom Live

Skype Live

Facebook Room